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CPG and Manufacturing Companies

Supply Chain Excellence for CPG Firms

OpsB Consulting caters to consumer-packaged goods (CPG) and manufacturing companies, with a keen focus on businesses experiencing stagnant growth, supply chain disruptions, and bottom-line dilution.

We aim to identify breakthrough go-to-market opportunities that can drive substantial top and bottom-line growth.

Our Solutions

Top and Bottom-Line Booster Program

Our booster program is a comprehensive business enhancement initiative designed to substantially improve top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability by Optimizing your Supply Chain Capabilities.

Unlock your company’s full potential by exploring untapped growth opportunities throughout your supply chain to increase top and bottom-line growth.

Maximize the potential of your business by learning effective strategies for reducing costs and optimizing inventory management to enhance your cash flow. 

Uncover valuable opportunities to enhance your customer service in critical areas, leading to significant improvements in your bottom line.

Make your manufacturing plant the cornerstone of your operations by using our holistic approach to identify key improvement areas and manufacturing metrics.

Our Holistic Approach

Strategy Framework


Operational Breakthrough Improvement Plan

The firm employs a unique approach known as the Multiphase Operational Breakthrough Improvement Plan (OBIP), which serves as a comprehensive roadmap for optimization and control. OpsB Consulting recognizes the significance of a well-optimized supply chain and leverages it as a competitive advantage framework to ensure sustainable profitable growth and success for their clients.

One of the key strengths of the OBIP methodology is its holistic approach. It covers all aspects of the supply chain, from procurement and inventory management to production and distribution. By adopting this methodology, organizations can clearly understand their supply chain processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategic measures to enhance operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, speed to market and operational resiliency.


Strategic Engagement Workshop

A two-day, deep dive workshop where we identify 5-6 focus areas and layout key deliverables to help design a strategic improvement plan.


Execution of OBIP Plan

Implement the strategic improvement plan in order to breakthrough and capitalize on business and operational benefits.


Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Ongoing OBIP maintenance and follow up via monthly meetings with ‘Make it Happen’ teams. Includes monthly OBIP Performance Status Roadmap.

Ready to achieve operational excellence?

Breakthrough Results

Customized for You

All of our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of portfolio companies, beginning with collaborative sessions with executive teams that last half a day. These sessions concentrate on identifying immediate critical opportunities for supply chain enhancement.

We provide a range of services to improve your supply chain, including comprehensive assessments and end-to-end improvement plans. Our team will work closely with your executives to develop action plans, monitor progress, and establish sustainable systems for long-term success.

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